Emily skirt

Emily skirt
Emily skirt

Fabric: suiting fabric : 85 %viscose, 15% elastane. If you want another length please let us know but the price may vary. Has a zipper on the back side. High waisted skirt with seam pockets.

Waist: around 26 in/66 cm. Hip: around 35.5 in/90 cm. Waist: around 28 in/70 cm.

Hip: around 37 in/94 cm. Waist:around 29 in/74 cm. Hip: around 39 in/98 cm.

Waist: around 31 in/78 cm. Hip: around 40 in/102 cm. Hip: around 42 in/106 cm. Waist: around 35.4 in/ 90cm. Hips: hips around 45 in/ 114cm.

Waist: around 38.5 in/98 cm. Hips: around 48 in/122 cm. Waist: around 41.5 in/106 cm. Hips: around 51 in/130 cm. Waist: around 45 in / 114 cm. Hips: around 54.5 in / 138 cm. Waist: around 48 in / 122 cm. Hips: around 57.5 in / 146 cm.

Waist: around 51 in / 130 cm. Hips: around 60.5 in / 154 cm. Waist: around 54.5 in / 138 cm.

Hips: around 64 in / 162 cm. However, if you need a dress for an event sooner than this please get in touch and we'll let you know if it is possible.

Thank you for visiting my shop if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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