DELAROSA The 'Jeanne' Patchwork long jean skirt size 0 2 4 6 8 10 12

DELAROSA The 'Jeanne' Patchwork long jean skirt size 0 2 4 6 8 10 12

Our'jeanne patchwork' is a beautiful high quality skirt. Up to 150 patches depending on size and length all handcut and serged together with top stitch overlay. Can take up to 10 jeans to make.

All sewn by me (chere') on our industrial machines here in a little valley of central pa. This beautiful skirt is definitely a labor of love and can not be rushed, as this skirt can take upward of 9 hours or so to make.

This is a one of a kind skirt every time. Also the patchwork is the same on both sides, never mitch match here at the delarosa custom jean skirt studio:. Please message me if you have any questions. Skirt photos are examples only of my work and will not be the exact jean used for your skirt. Down the side from the waist and around at that point.

All insides seams of skirts are serged on professional machines and will not fray and fall apart after washing. Also all skirts are all double stitched for durability.

Please see policies for more info on this. (please see shop banner or policies for current turn around as we reserve the right to change time frame within a couple of days according to amount of orders that come in).

Each skirt will not be exactly the same witch adds to the uniqueness. I deconstruct and redesign jeans into modest modern jean skirts that you will want to wear every day. Check us out on facebook delarosa custom jean skirts. Please read our policies for ordering.

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